Tuesday, 13 October 2009

badman poker logo brief

brief for badman poker logo

brief overview
badmanpoker.com is a web site providing poker related content to all levels of poker players. From home game heroes, to casino regulars, to online stars.

Poker champs are all about attitude and our website will delivery this in spades.

brand name badmanpoker.com target audience
Our target audience is anyone who loves poker as much as we do.

Our logo should be crisp, clean and instantly recognisable.

The logo must scale well, from small print to large.

The text “badmanpoker.com” doesn’t have to appear in one continuous line. Feel free to split the individual words up, to accommodate your creativity.

With the name “Bad Man”, thoughts immediately go to graphic elements that can include “old school gangsters” or “wise guys” (no cartoon characters) and other elements that portray aggression and attitude. Having said that, the graphic element cannot contain any firearms or weapons of any kind. The graphic element cannot portray any acts of violence.

The logo can contain poker cards, poker suits or poker chips but designers shouldn’t limit themselves to these elements only. If you’ve got an “out of the box” idea, run with it as we are open to your creative ideas.

Any graphic element should be able to stand alone, separate to the text.

Please don’t use any copyrighted elements such as stock images or clip art.

Files will be required in vector format (Adobe Illustrator).

** We are open to all sorts of ideas for this logo so if you have a great idea that doesn’t quite fit the information above, that’s cool, let’s see what you’ve got.

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