Wednesday, 14 October 2009

99 designs - KlearKase Brief

Another brief i am working on -

brief overview
This new startup has been created by a group of technology veterans who love the new mobile electronic devices available in the market; the Amazon Kindle & Sony Electronic Book Readers and iPhone to name a few. We build protective cases so that our customers can safely use their devices at the beach, swimming pool, on a picnic, or any other environment where they can get wet, dirty, and dropped

brand name KlearKase target audience
The general audience for our cases is very broad and the demographics vary depending on the electronic device category. Electronic book readers are a mature demographic with about 70% over 40 years of age. Smartphone owners are 65% more likely than the average mobile phone subscriber to be between the ages of 25 and 34.

We are looking for a black & while logo to represent our company called KlearKase.
Keywords: protective, waterproof, high quality, clarity
We're pretty sure that KlearKase should have the ‘K’ and the ‘K’ capitalized. But prove us wrong if you disagree.
The typeface should be clear, simple and bold. We want something that stands out. Again be careful not to be too fancy.
The logo should work on the plastic case, plastic packaging, the web, as well as letterhead and business cards.
Please make sure there is no intellectual property infringement.
We require a CMYK logo in PDF, EPS, SVG, or Adobe Illustrator AI format, as well as a JPG.
Be creative but try and keep the design 'clean'. The winning design needs to be black & white.

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