Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

tiger art of war

tiger art of war poster

rabbit art of war

rabbit art of war poster

dragon - art of war

dragon art of war poster

unicorn - art of war

unicorn art of war

CRANE - art of war development

I feel like ive hit my stride a bit with this art of war project. I am trying to get across the old and the new and relating it to business and industry.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

RL -HIGRADE002 - projectiles

Many small labels only print on the vinyl itself and dont have a proper cover for the vinyl. This is something i may have to think about when designing and have a vinyl centre that works on its own terms. This design for higrade002 is basic but works well when the vinyl is playing as the "blade" spins around. Considering how the record is going to be used is something i need to consider in my design. The blade is also the record company logo and promotes the label clearly on the shelf.

RL - 5 years of hyperdub comp.

This is the album art for the 5 years of hyperdub album. It reflects the experimental nature of the music on the album and the record label. The glitchy art style looks simple at first glance but is reasonably intricate. It has a strange style of marking 5 on the cover, futuristic - hyperdub are experimental and always looking to the future. It also fits in well with the rest of the hyperdub art. I feel they could of done more with the tracklisting as it is basic, but readability is an issue especially for working DJs and this is something i need to think about when designing vinyl and CD cover art.

Module rationale sheet

Module rationale and statement of intent.

Klearkase shield ideas

Some of the initial ideas for the Klearkase logo brief. I went with the shield style insignia with some water droplets to better represent what the company does.

99 designs - KlearKase Brief

Another brief i am working on -

brief overview
This new startup has been created by a group of technology veterans who love the new mobile electronic devices available in the market; the Amazon Kindle & Sony Electronic Book Readers and iPhone to name a few. We build protective cases so that our customers can safely use their devices at the beach, swimming pool, on a picnic, or any other environment where they can get wet, dirty, and dropped

brand name KlearKase target audience
The general audience for our cases is very broad and the demographics vary depending on the electronic device category. Electronic book readers are a mature demographic with about 70% over 40 years of age. Smartphone owners are 65% more likely than the average mobile phone subscriber to be between the ages of 25 and 34.

We are looking for a black & while logo to represent our company called KlearKase.
Keywords: protective, waterproof, high quality, clarity
We're pretty sure that KlearKase should have the ‘K’ and the ‘K’ capitalized. But prove us wrong if you disagree.
The typeface should be clear, simple and bold. We want something that stands out. Again be careful not to be too fancy.
The logo should work on the plastic case, plastic packaging, the web, as well as letterhead and business cards.
Please make sure there is no intellectual property infringement.
We require a CMYK logo in PDF, EPS, SVG, or Adobe Illustrator AI format, as well as a JPG.
Be creative but try and keep the design 'clean'. The winning design needs to be black & white.

badman poker initial ideas

some initial ideas for the badman poker brief. I decided for the first tries i would go with the gangster theme suggested on the brief. This took a lot longer than i anticipated!

Record Label Photostream

This is a photosteam of some of the source photos for the cyberspoon project. I cant get them all up on flickr until i sort a better host out.
I basically wanted to collect together a large number of photos of the artists involved as well as general sound equipment so i had a lot of source photos to work with as a jumping off point for the brief.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

badman poker logo brief

brief for badman poker logo

brief overview is a web site providing poker related content to all levels of poker players. From home game heroes, to casino regulars, to online stars.

Poker champs are all about attitude and our website will delivery this in spades.

brand name target audience
Our target audience is anyone who loves poker as much as we do.

Our logo should be crisp, clean and instantly recognisable.

The logo must scale well, from small print to large.

The text “” doesn’t have to appear in one continuous line. Feel free to split the individual words up, to accommodate your creativity.

With the name “Bad Man”, thoughts immediately go to graphic elements that can include “old school gangsters” or “wise guys” (no cartoon characters) and other elements that portray aggression and attitude. Having said that, the graphic element cannot contain any firearms or weapons of any kind. The graphic element cannot portray any acts of violence.

The logo can contain poker cards, poker suits or poker chips but designers shouldn’t limit themselves to these elements only. If you’ve got an “out of the box” idea, run with it as we are open to your creative ideas.

Any graphic element should be able to stand alone, separate to the text.

Please don’t use any copyrighted elements such as stock images or clip art.

Files will be required in vector format (Adobe Illustrator).

** We are open to all sorts of ideas for this logo so if you have a great idea that doesn’t quite fit the information above, that’s cool, let’s see what you’ve got.

Monday, 12 October 2009

99 designs - Brief

This is the written up brief for the overview of the brief i am taking on.

99 designs is a website that people post up what they want designing and then people can answer the brief and get paid for it.

They generally want logos and the like, this is something i want to focus on in this module so i am going to do several briefs from this page as quick briefs to expand my logo collection for my portfolio.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Record Label Brief

Live brief for a record company.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

messy crane - art of war development

trying some new brush techiques, this could develop into a workable style, but needs a lot of refining still.

crane - art of war development

Mechanical crane, experimentation with the crane and modern day business. I need to give the piece an overall feeling of a mix between ancient and new, maybe with the flair of calligraphy/flowing inks.

metropolis flyer

The metropolis flyers are an inspiration. I like the combined effect of lots of random industrial style objects. I think i could combine a chinese effect with a collage of objects to create the old/new feeling i want to achieve for the art of war brief.

Strictness - Study

characterized by or acting in close conformity to requirements or principles: a strict observance of rituals.

Courage -study

Courage, also known as bravery, will, intrepidity, and fortitude, is the ability to confront fear, pain, risk/danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.

benevolence - study

Benevolence is the expression of kindness and altruism.

Chinese character ren2 -
It means 'benevolence' or 'humanity.' The left side is the ren2 radical (man) and the two (er4) on the right implies 'two persons' so the character stands for 'benevolence among people.' Ren2 is the heart of Confucianism. It is also a Chinese last name.
Pronunciation: ren2
Meaning: benevolence; humanity; virtue; kernel.

Sincerity - Study

"Sincerity is the virtue of one who speaks truly about his or her own feelings, thoughts, desires."

wisdom - study

"Wisdom is knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action; sagacity, discernment, or insight."

"Confucius stated that wisdom can be learned by three methods: Reflection (the noblest), imitation (the easiest) and experience (the bitterest). Wisdom is not told by self but unless asked for by another."

"In Taoism Practical Wisdom may be described as knowing what to say and when to say it."

The Crane is a symbol of long life and immortality
The Crane is associated with longevity, health, happiness, wisdom and good luck.

In Asia, Cranes are symbols of longevity and immortality. The White Crane can fly to the heavens and it is a Chinese symbol for "wisdom" and is sometimes called the "heavenly" or "blessed" Crane. Cranes were vehicles of the gods and in China fly them to the "Isle of the Immortals", the legendary home of the eight immortals. A Crane's eggs were used in magic potions to grant eternal life upon its drinkers.

Logo design - misipile

A croatian logo design studio, i really like some of the logos in their portfolio. I find having a lot of fresh logos from other companies to look at can really inspire me. They lay out the logos in the portfolio in full colour/grayscale and one colour, and tell a little about the inspiration for each. They all look professional, I need to make sure that any logos i design work on various different media, as appropriate for whatever the logo is for.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Art of War - BRIEF

First draft of brief for the art of war.